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How about that for an Angelina Jolie Impression.

Anonymous said: Would you ever mess around with a guy ?

Absolutely not. I’m 100% heterosexual and in love with the girl of my dreams. :)

Anonymous said: What's ur favorite thing to do ?

Entertaining and making others happy. :)

Dat beard though

Just another day, another dollar.


u are never alone when everything around u is alive and. crawling with bacteria

That’s pretty sad if the only friend you make is a creature that is smaller than the eye can see. By that point I would just create an imaginary friend that isn’t trying to surround me with infectious diseases.

Via Lit

Fancy gangstas up in here! @mayecelaya #funny #peace #BowTie #shades #silly #girlfriend #beard #Gangsta #lol #chillin

I made Chocolate chip cookie dough Oreo Brownie.



About 95% done! Just need to add water, fish, and the flag on the small castle :)


Nerd overload… Can’t.. contain… my urge…. to want!!

genesisapproved said: You're going to marry her one day.

I don’t date just to mess around. I would hope. those are my intentions. :)

Anonymous said: What is the best thing that happen to U ?

My girlfriend.


I wanna pizz-a you.

OMG someone totally stole this from me!

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