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I love my job.

Feeling determined.

Is it strange that every time I pass those guys that are holding the signs and dancing, I think to myself “I could so do their job so much better”

Every night.

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I love my crazy family. #nephews #sister #Joel #Isaac @sarahmareedavis #silly #funny #crazy #HurricaneChamber #WindTunnel #PumpItUp #BirthdayParty @larsonmidwife

Anonymous said: How does it feel to be in love?

I don’t really know how love feels and if it feels like the way I do about my girlfriend than there is no doubt that it is something amazing. It is like every time I kiss her I want more. she is funny, kind, weird, loving, and extremely attractive, but not only that her personality makes her irresistible. I love everything about her. I have never felt love the way I do with her. Everything just seems perfect. every time I see her face I feel like we have been together forever. It’s so natural. She makes me want to be a better man.

My girlfriend is so adorable

It was a good day today. I hope y’all’s day was just as awesome. :)

Anonymous said: You have the bluest eyes to ever blue. Just fyi

Lol thanks :)

Anonymous said: Why are you so handsome? Stop it.(but no don't really stop it)

Lol I will do my best. :)

eibeis said: guy! I love your beard and your eyes. and your eyes. and beard. keep smiling!

:) forever and ever!

garbh55 said: Hey, happy guy! Congrats for this great blog! And congrats for your beautiful relationship! Will you invite any of your tumblr followers to your wedding? ;)

Awwwe thanks I appreciate the compliment. Idk, the idea is very intriguing and probably would turn out to be one epic gathering of awesome people.

Anonymous said: A seraphim, huh? You sure seem pretty damn angelic.

Thanks I guess I was just blessed with good genetics. :)

Anonymous said: I want you to bend me over a table

The least you could do is take me out to dinner first then your gonna have to take that up with my girlfriend.

Anonymous said: can we see a shirtless pic of you? do you work out? damn you're hot :)

Occasionally yes, and no I’m not gonna post a pic because I don’t fill comfortable with that sort of thing, but I do appreciate the compliment.

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